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Some information about the forum and how to handle and how to translate.

This forum is for guests and registered users with interest in German and European old-time (vintage) radio sets or related themes like crystal receivers (crystal sets) or German wireless.

NEW: You can select your language as system language. Click in the upper right corner of the screen on "Sprache auswählen". You can select to English, Spanish, Portuguese or Swedish. Unfortunately not all messages are translated in other languages, sorry.

perhaps these notes helps to understand the system messages and terms. You can send messages and questions or remarks in English, but not in other languages!. At best you print out these notes.

Themes - Rules - FAQ - Translated terms - Symbols - Collectors Price Guide

These themes (topics) are at present in use and stored in subforums:
Sub forum headlines (titles) and the translation in English.

In German: Translation:
Neuigkeiten, Hinweise News, hints
Neuigkeiten, unser Forum intern News, our forum internal
Wir im Forum Subforum " forum internal" closed group only for registered users. Do not forget to log in before a visite.
Radio Radio
Radiotechnik Radio engineering, radio technology
Radios. Reparaturen Radios. Repair
Radios. Restaurierungen Radios.Restoration
Radios. Sammeln Radios. Collecting. Years of constructions, collectors worth, etc.
Volksempfänger, DKE, Gemeinschaftsempfänger Nazi radios, Goebbels snouts, Joint production receivers
Radios. Firmen, Modelle, Baugruppen, Bauteile. Radios. Companies, models, units, components, parts
Radios nach 1980 und Spass-Radios Radios later 1980 and novelty radio sets
Bilder-Galerie Radio Photo gallery for your own photos of your radio sets. Pleaes not more than approx 20 to 30 sets by you.
Detektorempfänger Crystal sets
Detektoren. Technik Crystal sets. Engineering, technology
Detektoren, Reparaturen, Restaurierungen Crystal sets. Repair, Restoration
Bilder-Galerie Detektoren Photo gallery for your own photos of your crystal sets. Pleaes not more than approx 20 to 30 sets by you.
Fernsehen Television
Fernsehen. Video, Technik Television. Video. Engineering, Technology
Fernseher. Reparaturen, Restaurierungen TV-Sets. Repair, Restoration
Bilder-Galerie Fernseher Photo gallery for your own photos of your tv-sets. Pleaes not more than approx 20 to 30 sets by you.
Audio Audio
Audio. Technik Audio. Engineering, technology
Audio. Reparaturen / Restaurierungen Audio. Repair, restoration
Audio. Sammeln Audio. Collecting.
Bilder-Galerie Audio Photo gallery for your own photos of your audio components like tape recorders, record players, etc. Pleaes not more than approx 20 to 30 sets by you.
Röhren, Transistoren, Dioden Tubes (valves), transistors, diodes
Röhren Tubes, valves
Transistoren, ICs, Dioden Transistors, ICs, diodes
Mess- und Prüfgeräte, Werkzeuge Measuring instruments and test devices, tools
Röhrenprüfer Tube testers
Andere Mess- und Prüfgeräte Other measuring instruments and test devices
Werkzeuge Tools
Andere Themen Other thems
Deutsches Rundfunk-Museum German Radio and Broadcast Museum
Funkgeschichte Wireless history
Experimentierkästen, Kosmos Radiomann Experimental sets and kits. Kosmos radioman
Bastelprojekte Handicraft projects
Alles was nicht woanders hineingepasst. All other themes
Termine, Treffen Dates, events, meetings
Rhein-Main-Treffen Local meeting in the Frankfurt (Germany) area
WGF-Stammtisch Local Meeting. Face to face.
Small Talk Small talk
Amateurfunk, DC7BJ, AUB Ham Radio, DC7BJ, AUB
Suchen und Angebote Looking for ... and offers
Angebote zum Verkauf, Tausch, schenken Offers for sale, swap, give (no commercial offers. No handling the transaction inside the forum, contact the user via the forum email function)
Suchanfragen nach looking for requests. Answer to such requests only via the forum email function.



Rules (Summary of the rules in German)

All tips, hints, notes in the forum are without guarantee. A liability for the damages which could originate from observance of these tips is excluded! Take notice of these safety notes(sorry, only in German) !

Send only photos with your copyright.

Registration: Register yourselves only if you agree with the forum rules. The registration is charge free. The registration is only needed to prevent the forum aginst spam attacks. Your user name become visible after your first login, so no chances for spammers. You need a real existing email address, because you receive after registration an email with your password.

Send only messages to this forum, when you accept these here listed rules.

Not accepted messages:

#1 Links to other commercial sites or forums or "only free for members groups" or internet auctions . Do not link to your online auction bids, no ebay numbers!

#2 No commercial "Suchanfragen..." (looking for information, sets, schematics and so on) or "Angebote zum Verkauf, Tausch oder Schenken" (want to sell, swap, give away.)" offers. No liability for via forum inititated businesses.

#3 Running time of content is over or in subforum 'I am looking for...' the request is older as 3 months.

#4 Complete schematics and circuit diagrams.

#5 Unsuitable, dirty, insulting entries or not with the general theme of this forum corresponding messages or answers.

#6 Names and adresses and email addresses and ebay-alias names of other persons as the message author and ebay auction numbers. Newsletters: Registered users maybe receive from time to time a newsletter only with no commercial content. When you are not interested, switch of this feature in 'my profile'.

#7 Requests for ordered goods in external commercial online shops.

#8 Uploading photos with no copyright by you.

Data protection: Guest: Attend the forum as a guest and send no messages, no person related data (dates) get recognizable and consequently not storable. Registered user: After registration, your person related data (name or alias name) are stored and also forum-public, under exception of the email-address. Please consider if you have registered yourselves, you can invest a profile of yourselves which is made to other users of the forum public. All by you stored data become public. Profile by you are canceled after erase your account in this forum are deleted immediately. But your registered forum name, email address and IP-address are stored permanent, State person related data from free pieces in a contribution in the forum even (e.g., name, email-Adresse, Internet page, addresses, these data with it for guests and registered users get public. If you want to reply to a message, you can arrange on logging in any time yourselves. Advertising Spam and offense against the forum rules should be prevented by the registration with email-storing. When you cancel your registration (account) in this forum, your messages are stored also permanent. Your data are safy. I myself store no other person related data about you and do not transmit the data to others. When you have canceled your registration, your messages will be not canceled. But you can erase your own messages before you cancel you account. The forum-database ist stored as backup for one year. Direct data security inquiries, please, directly to


Instructon manual (FAQ):

How to register? You can read messages as a guest. When you will send messages (threads) and will answer to other messages you have to register. With a fake email address you have no chance to complete the registration. Fill in in the registering form your first name (not the surname) or a n alias name and your email-address. At first you have to confirm the forum rules. After submit you receive as soon as possible an automatic email with the temporary password. The subject of this email: "Wumpus-Gollum-Forum (Old radios and crystal sets) ". Now you can login into the forum. In "My profile" you can change the temporary password and complete your profile. Problems with registering? Perhaps another user has 'your' alias name already in use. In this case you see after submit this message: "Der Benutzername ist ungültig oder schon registriert. (User name not valid or already in use). What is to do? Take a look on the 'Ranking' of the forum-users. You find there all used names. Use another name. Note: Names have to use 3-20 characters (a-Z 0-9 -_.,:) You will find in the registration form a code verifying section: Fill in the characters and numbers you see on the little graphic.

How to send a message (theme, new thread) or answer to a other message? You will find the button for a new message in each subforum (in German "neues Thema"). You can reply to a message in 2 ways. Left of the message ist a little button called "Antwort schreiben". That means "Reply with a quota". Under the message you find a answer form (except quota). After fill in your information click on "absenden" (submit).

How to upload photos / images? When you add an message (thread) to this forum or reply to a other message you can upload photos in JPG or GIF format, but only max. 350 kB each.. You will find under the message form an upload section (Datei hochladen). Click on the button "Durchsuchen" (search for) and select the photo on your local hard disk. Now click on "Hochladen" (Upload). At last you have to click on "Absenden" (submit). Now your photo is stored as an attachement to your thread in the forum. Please upload only photos with your copyright!

How to handle emails via the forum software to other users and how to reply? You can receive emails by the forum and by other users when... you have registered yourselve you have enabled the forum email confirmation service in case of a reply to a message by you. the administrator of this forum send a round letter a forum user sends you via the forum email function directly an email. Please take notice. You can ony answer to such email, when the sender has placed his email address as a part of the message. In the subject of any email by the forum is stored always: " Wumpus Gollum forum". Therefore, can not be recognized by the heading which of the above listed four email-Variants it concerns. In any case, you cannot reply directly to it!!! (Data protection). So please always read over this emails from the forum. If you want to send somebody a reply, e.g., on a searching inquiry and have direct a response, you must place in this e-mail explicitly your email-Adresse in the text.

What sizes of avatar photos accepted? You can send photos with max. 110*110 pixels and / or max. 50 kByte. Larger photos become not visible. You don't need not more a link to a internet site. You can store the avatar direct from your computer.

What is 'my profile' ? You can change many features of the forum software in relation to your interest: Profile data. Some information about your interest (optional) Change password. Settings. Request the newsletter or cancel. Signature. A personal signature at the end of your messages. Avatar. A small photo of you. Send email. Send email to other forum users. Delete account.

Why a guest book function? There is a little and simple guestbook function valid. You can send a message to the guestbook of another user, but it is not realy private. All other users can read it. When you click on the username of any user a window opens and you can send your message.

Are emails via the forum software safe for me? You can send private email-messages to the email account of other users and can receive such messages. No other users can read these emails in the forum. And important: Your personal email is safe. The email comes with the email address of the forum admistrator to the receiver. But only when you are interested in sending of your email address, fill in in the message your email address.

You cannot find your message again?
perhaps the message was stored by the admin or moderator in another sub forum.

'*' Symbol left before the header of a message (thread) means this is a message transfered by the administrator by hand from my old forum to this new forum. Instead '*' you will find in some cases 'Übertragen' (transfered) or 'Aus dem alten Forum'. By hand means all messages of a thread are combined to a new thread. The author seems to be the admin, but not really.

Please beginn your message or inquiry with an address (like "Hello" or "Good morning" and so on) and close with a greeting (like "regards Rainer" and so on). So the communication is more personal. Do not forget please.

Collectors Price Guide:

You will find as a part of this forum a huge price guide for collectors of old-time radio sets, portables, floor consoles, tape recorders, car radios, speakers and so on. It is related to German and European sets. This online list is charge free for registered users of this forum. More details on the start page of the WGF-Price Guide.


Translation of the system messages:

Abmelden Log out
Account löschen Clear account
Anmelden Log in
Abschicken, absenden Submit
Altes Passwort Old password
Antworten Answers, replies
Antwort schreiben Reply to a message
Benachrichtigung bei Antworten auf dieses Thema Forum send an email in case of a reply to your message
Benutzer User (of the forum). (Users can send messages)
Benutzername User name
Bitte akzeptieren Sie diese Regeln um sich zu registrieren Please accept the rules before registration continue
Datei hochladen File upload
Dateiformat file format (gif, jpg)
Das Passwort wird Ihnen per Email zugeschickt You receive the password via email.
Durchsuchen Seach a file on your harddisk (Avatar)
Einstellungen Settings
Forum-Statistik Forum statistics
Gast, Gäste Guest, guests (can not send messages)
Gästebuch Guest book
Geben Sie hier den Text für Ihre Signatur ein. Die Signatur wird automatisch an Ihre Beiträge gehängt. BB-Code ist erlaubt. Fill in the message for you signature. This signature will be added automatically at the end of your messages. BB-Code is allowed.
Hochladen upload
Impressum Impress
in Themen und Antworten suchen search in themes and answers
Kein Bild No picture (Avatar)
Kompendium (WGF-Kompendium) Collection of hints and notes about radio set repair, restauration. Sorry but only in German.
Letzter Beitrag Last message
max. Dateigröße maximal file size (200 KB)
Mein Profil My profile
mind. 3 Zeichen At least 3 characters
Nachricht senden Send email via forum to another user
Neue Datei hochladen Upload new file (Avatar)
Neues Passwort New password
Neues Thema New topic, new theme
Neuester Benutzer Newest user
nur in Themen suchen search only in headlines
Passwort ändern Change password
Points-Konto points account
Preisliste für Sammler Collectors price guide
Profil-Daten Profile data
Regeln Rules (rules in English you find on this page here)
Regeln akzeptieren Accept rules
Registrieren Register, registering (Only registered users can send messages)
Sicherheitshinweise Safety notes
Speichern Store (data)
Suche Search (search function od the forum)
Suchbegriff search term
Titel headline, header
verbleibende Zeichen xxx characters left (10-3000 for each message)
Vorschau Preview
WGF Wumpus-Gollum-Forum



Symbols on the startpage and in sub forums:

= Sub forum valid for about theme .....
= New sub forum about the theme .............
= Theme
= New theme.
= Important. Always on top of a sub forum.
= Closed theme. No new answers.
= Interesting theme. More than one page.


Symbols during the fill in procedure (new theme oder edit a theme or reply to a theme):

= Reply to an message and create quota.
= Edit your own message.
= Email-message. Information about a reply to your message.



Here you find a radio related dictionary German English / English German

Last update: 11/02/2010